Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rounder Finds a Home

How was I ever going to find him a home? God smiled and sent us a visit from a local rescue group that needed foster homes. They put our dogs on their site, and one day we got a call from a family that specifically wanted to meet Rounder. They lived on a farm, had three small children, and wanted a dog to be a companion and keep an eye on things while the father was away at work. They pulled in and spotted him immediately. We went out to the hay field and showed them that he could be turned loose and would stay close by. Rounder loved the kids, was gentle with them, and he liked the mom and dad. They wanted him. I told them straight up his story - cop car and all - and they still wanted him. Then I got that gut feeling that says to me "let him go". The family keeps in touch and claims that he is amazing.

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