Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hoarded Situation

Danny [see photo], Doogie, and Daisy were part of some 28 animals confiscated by a local animal control when an 87 year old woman was evicted from her home. The neighbors reported a terrible smell coming from the property. Investigators took 19 dogs and 9 cats from the property and had to do it in 15 minute spurts as the stench was so bad!

PAWS Hancock took Daisy, a 3-4 yr. old Parson Russell/chihuahua mix who is very nice but very timid and scared. Daisy needs a home with someone who will make her brave rather than reward her timid behavior. Doogie is also a 3-4 month old PR/chi mix, cute as they come, and already has a foster home while waiting for his forever home. Then there's Danny. Danny's ears were raw from fly bites, and he is heartworm positive and will start treatment next week. Danny has a wonderful personality, and if you would like to donate to help pay for his treatment or help sponsor any of these dogs, please go to

Friday, July 8, 2011

Orlando is Ready to Adopt

In previous blogs dated 3/20/11 and 5/10/11, I've told you the story of Orlando, one of Olive's pups that got adopted, apparently aspirated something, got very sick with bilateral bronchial pneumonia, was returned to PAWS Hancock very sick, and thanks to the doctors and staff at IVEC (emergency clinic) made it back from the edge of the rainbow.

He has been under the care of Dr. Doug and his staff for the last couple of months and had a repeat chest x ray this week to see how his lungs were doing and give us a prognosis, as well as the potential for adoption.

It's all good news. Yes, part of his left lung is dead but won't pose any problem in the future. However, his right lung is clear and has compensated for the damage to the left lung.

Orlando is ready to find a family to adopt him. He will need medication, bronchodilators, and when the weather is very damp or very hot and humid, he may even need a breathing treatment with a nebulizer. He has been nebulized several times a day for so long he knows how to behave and when the timer goes off!!! Orlando has other dogs to play with at his current foster home, and it has been good for him. He knows when he needs to sit down and rest and catch his breath before continuing. He loves to eat, is house broken, and knows what "no" means.

Our hope is that someone will apply to adopt him that will be willing to give him the chance to function like a normal healthy dog. He needs someone who will, of course, keep an eye on his health, but not over protect him. He loves life, and he needs to be allowed to live it. It would be great if there were another dog for him to play with.

My thanks to IVEC, Dr. Doug and his staff, Nancy, and especially Gina, who took over his care when we moved. All have done a wonderful job in keeping his little boy alive.

Now, send in those applications or fill them out online at!!!