Saturday, November 27, 2010


I was in the choir in junior high and high school, but probably only because they were always short of second sopranos. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the local radio stations started playing Christmas music, so I gladly started singing along. We keep a radio on in all areas of the kennel and office all the time so the dogs are used to voices, noise, football games, etc. and don't bark any time they hear something a little out of the ordinary. We even use a leaf blower to get them used to a vacuum cleaner while they are here, as some are terrified of the noise.

Well, I guess my singing abilities haven't gotten any better - I was singing along with "White Christmas", and the dogs either decided to sing along so they didn't have to listen to only me, or started to howl in protest. Maybe they were just singing along with me since I already have some Santa stuff stashed for them.

Gotta love my music critics!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


In a previous blog I wrote about animal controls and shelters being forced to reduce their census before holidays to cut down on overtime and holiday pay.

To do our part, we went to two shelters and picked up four new dogs to share the holiday with.

We now have Tia, an Aussie merle puppy about 7 weeks old. She could use a little socialization, but she's adorable and we just couldn't leave her behind.

We have Joey, one of 11 puppies that were dumped in a ditch and left. Joey is probably a shepherd mix, 8 weeks old, and already doing pretty well at crate training. He was the only pup that didn't have a foster home, so he's with us now till he gets adopted.

We have Guppy, supposed to be a senior chi/pom mix (?). I seriously don't think he's that old, but he has some lighter hairs on his face and back that give the impression of an elder. We'll have the vet take a look at him after the holiday and see what she thinks.

We have Harry. Harry was taken into foster by someone who specializes in agility dogs, but said he was more of the couch potato variety. Harry wants to hunt something. He reminds me of a beagle, but he isn't a beagle. He has whisker stubble on his face, much like that of a wirehair or schnauzer, the spots of a pointer, and a wonderful friendly personality. He needs to gain some weight, which is is doing, and learn to walk on a leash a bit better.

Tia, Guppy, Joey, and Harry have joined us for Thanksgiving, and we are so thankful that we can give them a chance at a new life!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Special Adoption Event

On Saturday, November 27, 2010, P.A.W.S. is participating in a nationwide event to place more cats and kittens in homes for the holidays. P.A.W.S. is holding a special "CATS ONLY" adoption that day from 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM at the Tractor Supply Store, 1645 N. State St., Greenfield, IN. At that event, the adoption fee for kittens and cats that are 5 months and older will be only $5.00!!!

Please take advantage of this special adoption fee even if you can't come to the adoption event. Adopt one of our 5 month or older kittens or cats between November 26-28, 2010, and the adoption fee will be only $5.00!!!

The P.A.W.S. website is

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holidays - Please help!

There are several animal shelters and controls in this area with many great employees and volunteers who work hard to find homes for the adoptable animals that come through their doors. However, when holidays come around, especially Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, they are forced to euthanize to cut numbers and thereby reduce the amount of holiday pay. Volunteers and employees alike have places to go, family and friends to see, and it's hard to staff long holiday weekends. They deserve their time off, believe me!!!

If you, or someone you know, are thinking about adopting, or maybe fostering, a dog or cat, now is the time to take a look and see if there is an animal that might fit for you. Sure, it can be a hassle, but we have to clean the house, cook, etc. anyway. What's one more family member? You should put a new dog or cat in a "safe" place anyway while the house is full of people they haven't met. Animals that have been at shelters are used to a lot of activity and different people, but having a large crowd and lots of children all in one day might be too much, not to mention that turkey smells a whole lot better than dry kibble.

Put your new dog or cat in a place where they can smell and hear all the new noises, but aren't actually in the thick of things. Tell your family and friends to please leave them alone while they adjust to their new surroundings, and meet them at a later date or when things quiet down and you have time to put the new dog on a leash so you can properly socialize.

Once the company is gone, the dishes are done, and you sit down to put your feet up and relax, then get your new pet out and let them snuggle up and bring down your blood pressure!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five and More

Our Mighty Five (see previous post) have advanced from bottle babies to active, curious puppies. They are pretty well paper trained and are currently being weaned off formula and on to dry puppy chow and water - and handling that just fine. We gave them a Progard Puppy vaccination yesterday to protect them from distemper and parvo, and they have been wormed. I bought them some toys, and they are discovering those right now.

Meanwhile, we got another call, or two, from animal control. So, road trip. We picked up a male silky/Yorkie terrier with a matted coat, but house broken. He had obviously never seen a horse before, and he will chase a cat, but he absolutely loves the play yard where he runs like a rabbit. We call him Elf

We found a tiny female Brussels Griffon - she can't weigh 5 pounds dripping wet. She is also house broken, or at least crate trained, and loves being held, but also going out to the play yard. She's been a bit intimidated, so we are working on making her more brave. We call her Holly.

We found two husky/yellow lab mix puppies, one male, one female, six weeks old. The female has one blue eye, one brown, and has the coat of the husky. The male looks like the lab side of the family. They need a bit of socialization, and we gave them a good deworming. I don't know what our rescue coordinator has named them. Maybe Jingle and Bell???

We picked out a 3 1/2 month old collie/black lab mix male pup, and he got adopted the next day. He had a super nice personality.

Then there's our yellow lab/lemon beagle mix male. We call him Clancy. He had just come in to animal control on our previous visit and could not be released as there was a stray hold. Three weeks later, he was still there and had contracted kennel cough - and sick dogs are put on the euth. list - they often have to euth. for space, and sick or aggressive animals are the first to go.
He had such a nice personality, big liquid brown eyes like a deer, so we asked them to hold him for us when we talked to them earlier in the week. We are treating him for kennel cough. He knows sit, shake, and down and has obviously been someone's house dog. He appears to be house broken, and likes to play fetch.

It won't be long and these dogs, except for Clancy, will move out of quarantine and then we can disinfect and start looking for the next wave. Please don't shop ----ADOPT!!!!!!!!