Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter is for Dogs Too!

The dogs that we care for at the rescue share Easter fun with us every year. The evening before, I chop up hot dogs, boil or bake some chicken and debone it, break up the Waggin Train chicken fillets into pieces, and make peanut butter milkbone cookies to hide in the play yards so that when the "kids" are turned out for exercise while I clean their kennels, feed, and water, they have the fun of hunting for their treats. Some will seek and eat as quick as they can. Some will carry them around until they find just the right spot to lay down and savor the flavor, and some will actually bring them back to their kennels. If the weather is nasty, as it sometimes is, I "hide" the treats in their kennel - maybe between the food dish and their water bowl, sometimes just in a corner or under a Kuranda bed, but it gives them a chance to hunt for their goodies.

It's what dogs do - hunt, and they love it!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hug A Hound!

Hunting dogs, coonhounds, beagles, etc., have traditionally been kept outside either in kennels or chained to dog houses out behind the barn and were tested to see if they would hunt. If they were "hunters" they were kept till the fall hunting season at which time they were put to work. If they were outstanding hunters, they were kept in the kennels or chained to the dog house till the next fall hunting season, and in between they were bred to create more of the same. If they weren't good hunters, they were turned loose, dumped on a lonely road, or turned into a local animal control with a "they won't hunt so I don't want them" attitude. Times have changed!!! One of the first dogs that I did rehab work with was a coonhound/lab mix with a horrible record. He had been an escape artist and chewed up a cop car. His name was Rounder, and he is a wonderful, well behaved, family member now. PAWS Hancock currently has six wrinkly, sweet natured, lovable coonhound/lab mix puppies up for adoption. They were very well socialized and just as huggable as your favorite teddy bear. Coonhounds are perfectly capable of being house trained and are willing to become couch potatoes if that's what you are looking for. They are very loyal and easy going. Please check them out at!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Old Friends & Old Dogs

I had the pleasure of visiting with old friends yesterday. Some 15 or so years ago I rescued a yellow lab female that I fully intended to keep as she was a great dog. Our friends came by with a horse that needed some tweaking, fell in love with the dog and asked if they could please have her. They are great "parents" and I knew she would have a good home, get to go on trail rides with them, and enjoy her life to the fullest while having excellent care. They named her Maggie, and she passed away due to cancer around a year ago. Their house was dogless for a few months, and then the search began for a new companion. It had to be a dog that would get along with anyone, not wander away, be well housebroken, get along with horses and other dogs. These folks go trail riding and camp out on weekends and the dog would be with them at all times. I didn't have anything at the time that would fit the bill, so they searched locally and opted for an older lab/whippet mix - a gentle older deaf female. They soon realized that she hadn't been outside much, as she didn't know what to do when let outdoors for any length of time. Probably she was kept inside as the original owners weren't sure she would stay home or come back, as she couldn't hear her name called. So, they started working on hand signals, and when I met this wonderful 14 year old lady yesterday, she was happy, stayed close, and was thoroughly enjoying her new life. Please give older dogs a chance - they have so much to give!