Sunday, March 20, 2011

Orlando Comes Home

Orlando is an 11 week old beagle mix puppy that was born here on January 3, 2011. Olive, as in olive the other reindeer, is his mother.

Orlando attended an on site adoption event and was adopted by a family roughly two weeks ago. Apparently he became ill but wasn't taken to a vet. Approximately a week later, the family called around 6 pm on a Friday night and said they needed to return him as he was sick. At first the rescue coordinator was going to bring him here, but after observing him for a few minutes, she took him to the emergency veterinary clinic. Orlando was diagnosed with "dramatic bilateral pneumonia" and stayed at the vet clinic for a week, during which time he was placed in an incubator with oxygen. His red blood count was very low, and his white blood cell count was nearly off the chart on the high side. The doctors think he must have aspirated something at some point, but that's water under the bridge now.

He got to come home yesterday as he was finally able to breathe room air on his own. He has more medicine to take than most seniors, canine or human. He has to be nebulized three times a day, which he isn't crazy about. My husband has fabricated a container to help. The vet clinic used a fish aquarium, but since I don't do fish very well, we don't have an aquarium available.

Orlando is weak from both the illness but also from being inactive for so long. He has to be nebulized for 15 minutes and then walk and cough for 15 minutes. It wears him out, but his appetite is good, and he has discovered peanut butter - it makes the pills taste better. I have added a multivitamin to the list. He has hauled his toys into his crate, and he would very much like to get out of his play pen and visit his brother, Orion.

On discharge from the vet clinic, the x rays showed some improvement in the right lung, but no change on the left side. He is to return for repeat chest x rays and medication adjustments after being home for a week.

The bill at the vet clinic was over $7000, and we aren't done yet. If you would like to donate, even a $1.00, go to Paypal is available, and we guarantee it will be used to take care of Orlando.

Even if you can't donate, please say a few prayers for him. It all helps, and he can use all the help he can get. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Need a Home!

Vin is the smallest of the "V" puppies, abandoned without their momma, and rescued from a local animal shelter. He was very tiny and weak, so I separated him from the litter with one of his sisters, to give him extra nourishment, vitamins, and to keep him from being picked on. He has blossomed and is now probably no more than two pounds at 14 weeks old. He's paper trained, getting fiesty - tugs on shoe laces and pant legs if he gets a chance, chases a cat toy with a bell in it, carries a squeaky stuffed toy around and wants to play tug. I put a toy size collar on him last night, had to size it down to fit him. Will start a bit of leash training this week.

Orion is Olive's puppy, and he is also paper trained and has been moved to the main kennel where he is learning that he gets no reward for crying. He's a lover and wants to play, play, play. He has inherited the beagle personality. This week he gets a collar and finds out what a leash is.

We have the rest of the "V" litter - all very friendly, people oriented puppies. At 14 weeks of age, they top out at around 5-6 pounds. They are also paper trained and doing well with crate training. I have to buy some collars that will fit these little ones and then the leash training will start. There's Vic, Vaughn, Vlad, Vada, and Venice.

DeNose-O is the basset mix puppy that was dumped. He loves to be with a human and has a wonderful friendly personality. He's doing well with crate training. He's been to an on site adoption and handled the cats, the crowd, and the leash just fine.

Toby needs an active family with a fenced yard. He needs room to run and play. He is also doing well with crate training. He would do best with older children as he has plenty of energy and might knock down a small child. He has been taught not to jump on people, as are all of the dogs here.

Charli, Celia, Carson, Cash, and Corky are doing very well with crate training, and this week we are putting on their first collars and starting to learn to walk on a leash. Charli is the most vocal. Celia is the lover and the most submissive. Carson and Cash are good all around. Corky is already in the main kennel area and has his collar and is learning to walk on a leash. He is the alpha male of the litter.

Then there's Gramps (Buddy/Dallas), the 12 year old pom mix that the lady dropped off at animal control because she was so sick she knew she couldn't care for him anymore. Unfortunately, in spite of vaccinations, he picked up kennel cough at animal control and brought it with him. We have been treating it, and he is feeling much better. We think it was the medicine - Gramps thinks it was the baked chicken! He is housebroken and simply needs a home to live out his life.

Olive (Olive the other reindeer), was spayed this week and is ready to find a home. She is a bit timid with new people, isn't at all aggressive, doesn't know what to think of our mini horses, and was the very best momma dog we have ever taken in. She is housebroken and quiet, has a spring in her step.

Jayda, our little toy fox terrier mix, is crate trained, but not housebroken. She is very quiet and loves to play. Has plenty of energy. I think that she would do best with older children because of her energy level.

Sable is a private rescue and this is a courtesy post. She is a sable female husky, 4 years old, that has been hit by a car in the past and has a gimp in her one hip. She has plenty of go power, knows not to jump on people, is housebroken, and needs a fenced yard and exercise to be happy. She is spayed, current on vaccinations, microchipped, and we are working on leash manners.

Please contact us at if you are interested in any of these great pets!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moving On

It was five years ago yesterday that we moved out here to remodel an old hog confinement into kennels, runs, and play yards for rescued dogs. About a year ago, the blog told about the economy putting a strain on the funding for the farm. We were recently told that my sister in law an brother are moving here and taking over the care and operation of the farm and kennels.

We had no idea what we were going to do, much less where it would be, or how we would come up with the money to get there. We prayed, and two weeks later we received an offer. We will be leaving on March 31, where my husband will care for Pine Forty Farms in Hampton, Iowa. We have halter broke alpacas for Pine Forty in the past, and we'll be back just in time to help with the annual shearing. Their fiber is made into clothing and sold through Waliki.

What will happen here? The rescue organization for which we have fostered for the last four years is negotiating in order to be able to continue to keep rescued dogs on the premises. PAWS Hancock, Greenfield, IN is working to buy or build their own facility, not only to house rescued dogs and cats, but to open up a low cost spay/neuter clinic - something this area needs desperately.

Right now the important thing, besides packing, doing taxes and bookkeeping, is to find homes for the rescued animals we currently have on site. Anyone interested in adopting should go to or and click on Greenfield, IN to view our current dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Plan

A friend called crying yesterday morning. Her border collie that she had rescued 8 years earlier had to be euthanized because he had cancer of the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and spleen.

Buddy had been her right hand helper for all those years. Her companion, protector, trusted friend. He helped her with the cats she rescued and cared for. He would herd them when they tried to wander.

A couple of hours later, she called again asking for the address and instructions to one of the animal control shelters we often pull from. She wanted another dog, a border collie. She doesn't have a computer, so I checked on Petfinder for border collies at local shelters, and printed out a set of driving directions so he could visit one of our most frequently visited animal controls. It was too late in the day to visit yesterday.

She walked into animal control and told them about losing her Buddy and wanting another border collie, an adult, already housebroken. They swooped her up and took her to the kennel area where there was a senior border collie that had come in late the evening before. He's 10 years old, looks much like her Buddy, and because of his age, even though he is a great dog, there was the danger of having to euthanize him for space.

They asked my friend if she minded an old dog, and she responded that she was old herself and didn't need something that would likely outlive her.

She brought her new dog, Duke (she's going to change his name), to meet me this evening. He's just exactly what she wanted and needed. Yep, things happen the way they do for a reason!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Puppies and More

We have 5 puppy mill puppies that a local animal control called us about a week ago. They were terrified, hungry, and not at all social. Due to the size of the shelter and the fact that they took in 12 dogs in two hours, the pups were in danger of euth.

One week later, they are happy, well fed, vaccinated, dewormed, and becoming very social. Their pictures will be posted on Petfinder and the PAWS Hancock website ( later today. We were told they were collie mix, but after a close look, we think there's some Corgi and maybe golden retriever in them.

Our "V" puppies are ready to go to new homes. They had been abandoned, and after two weeks of good nutrition and deworming, they are growing, playful, cuddly, and ready to move to new homes. One pup, Vin, was extra small and very malnourished, but he's making a great comeback and is already a cuddler deluxe!

Aeneas, the border collie pup of Allie's, is still here, but we can't figure out why. He's absolutely a wonderful puppy. He's a smooth coat, quiet, pretty well crate trained, knows how to follow and marches right up and down the main kennel area with me, comes when called, learning sit.

Orion and Orlando, Olive's puppies, are very playful, paper trained, and looking for new homes. They remind me of the odd couple. Orlando is very neat while Orion is too busy playing to be quite so tidy.

Toby wants a yard and someone to play with, as do the basset mix pups, Gibbs and DeNose-O.

We will be getting Olive spayed next week. She's a sweet, kind, housebroken little lady who is a dedicated mom. No more puppies for her - it's time to enjoy life and a new home.

Peaches will receive her next dose of Heartgard, and we hope she handles it okay. She was the dog who was incorrectly reported as a negative on her heartworm test. Unfortunately, she was very positive, anemic, and since they went ahead and did the spay surgery, her immune system was compromised and her white count was very high. We have been treating her with antibiotics, vitamins, and additionally some beef liver (which she tolerates but doesn't like), and she will be re-evaluated after this dose of ivermectin. She is feeling very much better.

There's an adoption event this coming weekend - come on out and meet these wonderful dogs!