Thursday, November 11, 2010

Five and More

Our Mighty Five (see previous post) have advanced from bottle babies to active, curious puppies. They are pretty well paper trained and are currently being weaned off formula and on to dry puppy chow and water - and handling that just fine. We gave them a Progard Puppy vaccination yesterday to protect them from distemper and parvo, and they have been wormed. I bought them some toys, and they are discovering those right now.

Meanwhile, we got another call, or two, from animal control. So, road trip. We picked up a male silky/Yorkie terrier with a matted coat, but house broken. He had obviously never seen a horse before, and he will chase a cat, but he absolutely loves the play yard where he runs like a rabbit. We call him Elf

We found a tiny female Brussels Griffon - she can't weigh 5 pounds dripping wet. She is also house broken, or at least crate trained, and loves being held, but also going out to the play yard. She's been a bit intimidated, so we are working on making her more brave. We call her Holly.

We found two husky/yellow lab mix puppies, one male, one female, six weeks old. The female has one blue eye, one brown, and has the coat of the husky. The male looks like the lab side of the family. They need a bit of socialization, and we gave them a good deworming. I don't know what our rescue coordinator has named them. Maybe Jingle and Bell???

We picked out a 3 1/2 month old collie/black lab mix male pup, and he got adopted the next day. He had a super nice personality.

Then there's our yellow lab/lemon beagle mix male. We call him Clancy. He had just come in to animal control on our previous visit and could not be released as there was a stray hold. Three weeks later, he was still there and had contracted kennel cough - and sick dogs are put on the euth. list - they often have to euth. for space, and sick or aggressive animals are the first to go.
He had such a nice personality, big liquid brown eyes like a deer, so we asked them to hold him for us when we talked to them earlier in the week. We are treating him for kennel cough. He knows sit, shake, and down and has obviously been someone's house dog. He appears to be house broken, and likes to play fetch.

It won't be long and these dogs, except for Clancy, will move out of quarantine and then we can disinfect and start looking for the next wave. Please don't shop ----ADOPT!!!!!!!!

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