Saturday, November 27, 2010


I was in the choir in junior high and high school, but probably only because they were always short of second sopranos. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the local radio stations started playing Christmas music, so I gladly started singing along. We keep a radio on in all areas of the kennel and office all the time so the dogs are used to voices, noise, football games, etc. and don't bark any time they hear something a little out of the ordinary. We even use a leaf blower to get them used to a vacuum cleaner while they are here, as some are terrified of the noise.

Well, I guess my singing abilities haven't gotten any better - I was singing along with "White Christmas", and the dogs either decided to sing along so they didn't have to listen to only me, or started to howl in protest. Maybe they were just singing along with me since I already have some Santa stuff stashed for them.

Gotta love my music critics!

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