Sunday, December 5, 2010

Out in the Cold

"I have been feeding two female cocker/poodles all year. My neighbor's child got a new puppy early in 2010, and the older two dogs have been outside without shelter, food, and water since then. Someone told me to call you --- that you might be able to help."

The person who called went on to say that she and her son had jumped over the fence and fed and watered the two dogs. But now the weather is getting cold, and snow is forecast, and they cry outside her window at night. They want to be in the house - sure can't blame them for that!!
She couldn't stand it any longer and finally asked the owner of the dogs if she could have them. He was more than willing to give them up, and she wanted to get them out of there before he changed his mind.

The two girls are here. They haven't been groomed for a long, long time. They have some awesome mats on them, but they are very good natured and mighty glad to have shelter and food and water. One of them went right to the Kuranda bed and snuggled up in a blanket. The other went to the food and water and then to the Kuranda. They have obviously been housebroken and come when they are called.

We will get them vaccinated, tested for heartworms, and deworm and apply flea preventive, not to mention getting the mats off of them and getting them a good bath and clip.

We aren't sure how old they are or if they have been spayed. We'll know that soon enough. Right now they are safe and warm and well fed, and they like a good massage. We will have to take some pictures of before and after and post them - it will definitely be a huge makeover!!!

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