Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daisy May's Story, Part 2

At the time I was opening up the warehouse at 3:30 A.M. It was my job to take the dog out to potty, unlock all the doors, turn on all the lights and computers and make coffee before the shift started. It was a big building and parts were an old dance hall with wooden floors. Since the building had flooded, there were holes drilled in the floors to drain the flood waters if and when it happened again. Sometimes a skunk, possum, rat, mouse, snake, toad, or other creature would manage to get into the buiding. Since I had to take the dog out anyway, I would take her with me to turn on lights with the comment to her that if we saw a set of eyes taller than her, we were taking evasive action. It was actually comforting to have her with me, and it became an enjoyable part of our day.

There were several people who claimed to want to take her home - all of them good potential homes. However, along came a really hot, humid weekend with no scheduled shift at the warehouse. Someone needed to take care of the dog, but no one wanted to take her home - they all had plans, their current dog wouldn't get along with her, or their spouse said forget it. The warehouse manager asked if I would come by and check on her when I did my grocery shopping over the weekend. I already had a key, so no problem. On Friday night there was a monsoon like storm that flooded the garage and part of the warehouse. The next morning when I went to check on her, she was sitting in a huge puddle of water, on a chain, and in the water was a box fan which was plugged in to an extension cord and running full blast. By the grace of God neither one of us was electrocuted.

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