Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daisy May's Story, Part 4

We moved to Indiana to become caretakers and remodel what used to be a hog confinement into a kennel for rescue dogs. One evening, after a particularly long hard day, while washing dog dishes, my husband answered the door and came to get me saying a lady needed to talk to me. I had helped haul heavy steel hog crate material all day, plus take care of 30 dogs at the rescue at the time, and wasn't in the mood to deal with door-to-door salespeople. While I growled at him, I went to the door and the woman said she was selling vacuum cleaners and wanted to do a free demonstration. I turned her down, and she came back with the statement that her boss required that she do 3 demonstrations per day to collect a check, and, of course, told me she had two small children. I told her to come in, forget the demonstration because I wasn't buying a vacuum cleaner, but I would listen to her presentation and answer her questionnaire so she could get paid. Her husband unloaded the vacuum cleaner, and her boss and husband drove off to try to sell someone else a vacuum.

She presented her product, and we went to the questionnaire. She said the boss would grill her about my answers, so when she got to the question about "How would the features of this vacuum benefit you?" I told her the vacuum would come in handy for grooming dogs. This led to the inevitable "how many dogs do you have". It was cold, raining, but she wanted to see the dogs. All I really wanted was a hot shower, a hot meal, and a nap before bedtime in the recliner, but we went to the kennels.

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