Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daisy May's Story, Part 3

I took her home with me. We lived in a very small house and there was a small 8x8 foot room that was perfect for her "den". I made sure she had food and water and let her settle for the night. After the lights were out, I heard her run full boar across the room, run over the top of me, and curl up between my body and the wall for the night. I took her back to the warehouse on Monday as I was informed that she wasn't my dog.

The next weekend came and still no one would commit to giving her a home. She went home with me, and I refused to return her.

I would take her out for exercise with my other dogs, but noticed that she would occasionally try to crawl up the fence and escape the yard. One day she crawled out of the fenced yard and took off. I couldn't find her, she wouldn't come when called. I called all the stores in town and the sheriff's department and let them know what had happened and to call me if she was spotted. With tears in my eyes I went to work not knowing what had happened to her. They had changed my schedule to second shift - it was a long day.

That night when I got home it was after 11 P.M. I left the porch light on, but there was no dog on the porch, no notes taped to the door. I sat in the car and tried to decide whether to drive around, go inside and check for phone messages, or maybe head for the barn to see if she was near the greyhounds' kennel. I opened the door to get out, and next thing I knew there was a brown and black Roman nosed beagle sitting in the middle of my lap licking my face. As I hugged her and wiped the tears from my eyes, my comment to her was "So what makes you think I want you back?"

That was the night she got the name Daisy May in honor of her redneck ways.

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