Friday, December 18, 2009

Puppies and New Dogs

Need a puppy? We got 'em. We have two Aussie mix female balls of fur with great personalities.
We have one female chiweewee mix (maybe pug?) female who has a great personality, comes when called, likes to play, and also likes to give kisses and be held. We have seven lab/border collie mix pups that are just 7 weeks old and already coming when called, like to play, but also like to be held. Maria's puppies are still too young to leave, but they are growing like weeds and starting to check out solid food. All of the puppies are being crate trained and doing well.

We have Major, the golden/lab mix who is so well housebroken he won't potty in his kennel or in the run with the doggy door. He's 8 1/2 months old and still needs some work, but he is good on a leash and knows sit, stay, down, and drop. We have taught him not to jump on people. He loves a good game of fetch.

Hank, the chocolate lab male, 4 years old, is a big lovable guy who has learned not to jump on people and knows sit. He was skin and bones when we got him, but he has filled out pretty well and is learning to go outside to potty. He and his sister, Roxie, were living outside for quite awhile. Roxie is housebroken, so we figure Hank is too - just needs a refresher course. He is quiet, but will bark if a stranger comes around. He, too, loves to play fetch.

We have Bernard, a 3 year old St. Bernard purebred that we got yesterday. He was given to a family and they decided they didn't want him either. He's a bit thin, but what a nice guy! He is housebroken, comes when called, is quiet, neutered and if someone wants a big, affectionate dog, he definitely qualifies.

We have Zulu, a husky/staffie mix that is quiet and housebroken. He knows sit and comes when called. He was adopted out as a puppy in a family with 3 other dogs that didn't appreciate his presence. He came back because the three females were aggressive with him. He's about 2 years old and would do best in an environment where he could be in a large fenced yard for the better part of the time. He loves to be outside, and he is one to dump the outside water buckets and play with them, often wearing them on his head. He doesn't mess with the bucket in his kennel, though. He's used to using a doggy door. He doesn't have the heavy coat of the husky, but rather a thick, short coat that doesn't shed much at all.

We have Sheba, a peke/sheltie mix that is affectionate, housebroken, but a good watch dog. She has a tendency to pick her human friends and would make an excellent companion for someone.

We have Middy, an Aussie/bearded collie mix that is one of the Bean Blossom Gang. She is a bit shy at first, but with her food orientation, it doesn't take much to win her over. She's quiet and would make an excellent companion.

There's an on site adoption tomorrow, and hopefully we will be able to place some of these great dogs in a home for the holidays. And if we do, there are many more out there that could be rescued in time to share in our holiday. Santa Grandma (that would be me) has been stocking up on big rawhide chews, duck jerky, toys, and other good stuff to make sure all the stockings are full on Christmas day.

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