Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get a Good Horse

We have trained horses of all kinds for over 30 years, and I am at the point in my life that I want a horse that I can just go out, get on, and ride nice and relaxed without having to "train" all the way.

We had a colt starting clinic last spring and heard about Midnight I, age 17. Supposed to be such a horse, but she is terribly herd bound, and when my husband took her to sort some cattle for a neighbor who had a calf that was giving him fits and making him think of grabbing a gun, Midnight I lost her marbles. Good thing my hubby is an excellent rider.

We had found Midnight II, now called Grandma, age 21, over a year ago for a friend that had knee surgery and needed something "bomb proof" so she could trail ride. The friend called this summer and said Grandma could only go 5 miles or so and then got sore - I can relate to that - so she wanted to sell her. I knew you could put 6 small kids on her, and she would look out for them, so I told hubby to go get her. He knew better than to argue.

Anyway, I suggested that hubby take Grandma to the cattle. If it didn't work, oh well. He loaded her up and took her over one day just to get the cattle used to seeing a horse and rider. All went well. The cattle headed for the trees where they had learned to escape the 4 wheeler, and she quietly went through the trees and herded them out. They followed her right up to the barn where they would ultimately be corraled.

The next day, in one short hour, she not only sorted the rambunctious, defiant calf that had frustrated the owner, but went back and sorted two bull calves as well. Each one was sorted and put in its respective designated area. The owner of the cattle, who thought horses were of little use in this day and time, hugged Grandma's neck and thanked her for her help.

Who says us Grandmas are out of date and useless!

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