Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Our veterinarian called to say someone had dumped a puppy at his clinic - an emaciated, wormy, muddy, but very friendly and frightened, puppy. The vet offered to give him his vaccinations and worm him free of charge if we would take him. We took him home, cleaned him up, taught him to walk on a leash and sit. He was a terrible kennel dog - barked a lot, kept a messy kennel, but he had a good heart. We turned him out with Joe, a rott mix, and they played for hours.

In the meantime, we became acquainted with a rescue program that was willing to help us find homes for the private rescues, if we would foster some dogs for their organization. They put Jasper on Petfinder, and we got an inquiry from Chicago. Everyone involved was a bit nervous as this was out of state and a whole new concept. We asked for pictures, references, and did a google search of the address. Everything checked out okay, and my gut said to try it.

Jasper hit the jackpot! He lives in a condo on Lake Michigan, has a dog walker to take him out when the owner isn't able, sleeps on the bed, goes to the dog park, and is known as the mayor of Lake Shore Drive.

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  1. I still remind Jasper of his buddy Joe and how Joe barked to protect him when I drove up to get him that day that day. Jasp still has a special place in his heart for Rotts...and oh yeah, he still barks alot!!! Thanks SO much for posting his story and for taking a chance on me as a city owner!!!!