Sunday, December 9, 2012

Melvin's Story

Goliath had been with us for over three years. We knew he had a bad heart, and even with the surgery and repair, his life span was compromised. He was nearly totally blind but loved to play with our border collie, also an "unadoptable" dog.  About a month ago Goliath had a massive stroke and passed away.  Melvin would have been about two weeks old at that time - and his future was in question.  Melvin is a purebred Australian shepherd with a problem back leg and a grade III heart murmur.  His owners were torn between euthanasia and giving him away. Another family had spoken up and said they wanted him, but Melvin's owners weren't sure it would work out.  When they brought the litter into the clinic for their puppy shots, I happened to be in the waiting area and heard Melvin's story. I felt that feeling in my gut that said I should speak up and offer to give him a home.

We exchanged email addresses, gave references, told them to check out the blog so they would have an idea of my experiences.  I told them that Melvin would be allowed to be the herding dog he was born and bred to be. Ms. Ellie, our border collie, would teach him to herd alpacas, and if he got tired, he could rest.  His heart condition will be a determining factor, as was Goliath's.   I knew if we were meant to have Melvin, it would happen - - - and it did.  Melvin is now a part of our home, learning to follow, learning his name, learning to sit on command, and also not to pick on the cats or chew up shoes and gloves.  He's a very good boy and the exercise he is getting seems to be helping his hind leg.  The swelling that was present when we got him is beginning to subside. 

So, my hubby got an old used manure spreader for Christmas, and I got Melvin!

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