Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Veterinary Request

We met the veterinarian that we use at our new locale some years ago when he was a teenager and his dad did an article on my husband's training methods for horses. He came out to the farm to geld our horses and commented that his veterinary clinic is the unofficial pound for this area. Any stray or unwanted dogs are brought there. They comply with the city's rules, and if the dog is adoptable, they often try to rehome or contact a rescue rather than euthanize.

Today we had our mini gelded, and Dr. V. asked if I could help find a home for a female black and tan coonhound around 2 years old. She was dumped about 3 weeks ago in the city and the police took her to their clinic. They have complied with the 10 day stray hold, contacted coonhound owners they know that might take her, passed the word around, but no luck finding her a home. Dr. V. said she is too nice a dog to euthanize.

I told him I would do what I could, including getting her vaccinated and having her spayed.

And so it begins, and if feels good to be trying to rehome a female coonhound. There is a rescue south of here that sometimes takes dogs for them. She may end up going there. It's in Jewell, Iowa. If not, I will do everything that I can to help her find a home.

There's a divine plan, you can count on it!

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