Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Door Opens

After having a great adoption weekend, we had some space available, so when animal control called to report an overflow and their weekly euth. date coming rapidly, off we went to see what we could pull.

We brought back two 5 month old females, one a sheltie mix already housebroken, knows sit, and the other a fox terrier ? mix - excellent temperaments. We also pulled a 12 year old male maybe pomeranian mix that had been adopted by an older lady. Unfortunately, her health has taken a severe downturn, and she presented to animal control because she was on her way to the hospital and could no longer care for the senior. The staff at AC had him in the office where he was getting along with the other dog, cats, and people and taking a major nap on a bed under the desk. We'll see if we can find a home for him to live out his days in comfort and love.

Then we went to the back and there were puppies - lots of puppies. Big ones, little ones, litters, and singles. The litter we picked to bring home was abandoned and when found nearly a week ago, they were starving. The staff has done a great job of putting weight on them. They need a good deworming and some new toys to play with. They look like they might have chihuahua in them - something small for sure. There are eight of them, approximately 8 weeks old, and they will need homes.

Today will be a day for photo shoot to get all these newbies up on the website and Petfinder.
The website is

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