Friday, October 29, 2010

Delilah - Long Distance Rescue

Delilah is about a 20 pound black female chi/pug (?) mix that was in a high volume kill shelter in Georgia. One of the employees, also deeply involved in rescue, had taken her home as a foster, but Delilah was shy and worried about people and wasn't improving. She would play and enjoy the company of the other foster dogs, but would not come within a foot of a human. Her foster mom was up to her ears and posted her on Facebook, hoping that she would not have to send her on to the local humane society to keep her alive.

I have a soft spot for the shy, non-aggressive dogs that have little chance of being adopted. Not to mention the fact that Delilah was black, and black dogs are at the bottom of the adoption list. I made a comment that I wished we were closer as I would consider taking her into our rescue. The people at Hazelhurst responded, and soon we were on our way to a transport and rescue.

Our rescue coordinator gave them the information they needed, and we exchanged lengthy phone calls with a couple of people, during which I commented that when I usually find a dog out of state and agree to take it in to our rescue, the dog usually gets adopted before that happens. Not a problem for me - a forever home always trumps a foster!

The day was getting close for transport, expected it on the weekend. I got a call that Delilah was making progress. I am bottle feeding puppies and came to the house late in the day. While waiting on formula to warm up, cranked on the computer and checked email. There was an email notification from Facebook that someone was interested in Delilah and lived in Georgia. I checked it out and figured that I would soon be notified that she had been adopted and would not be heading to Indiana.

About 10 minutes later, I got a call from the foster mom in Georgia saying the she was putting Delilah on a transport later that evening, and wanting to confirm my address. I stopped her and asked if she knew she had someone wanting to adopt locally. She, at that time, was unaware of it. She said she would get back to me. I told her I would always defer to a forever home.

Delillah goes to her new home on Saturday - in Georgia. As part of His plan, it was probably my job to give her more time, not only to keep her from going to the humane society, but to give her time to improve and her new family time to find her.

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