Thursday, September 2, 2010


Cayman is a small silver poodle, maybe schnauzer mix. I saw his picture on Petfinder - one of many at a local animal control with an "URGENT" tag on it. Cayman was abandoned, along with three cats, in a house. The animals were alone in the house for several days before someone discovered them. The animal control officer said he had never seen a dog covered with so many fleas, not to mention the cats. They were given Capstar, a flea bath, a good meal, fresh water, and in the case of the cats, a clean litter box. Cayman is a young dog, very friendly and very forgiving. I have the privilege of fostering him, and his flea bites are healing, his raw spots are healing, he's eating very well, and he will make someone a fine companion. We'll post some pictures of Cayman as soon as he gains a bit more weight.

My question is, why would someone leave an animal to die of hunger and thirst rather than take them to an animal control shelter where they are at least going to be fed and given fresh water, not to mention a chance at finding another home?

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