Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Harley, a chow/husky mix came to us through the veterinarian our boss uses. The young lady who originally owned her had to "get rid of her" because she was a runner and animal control had been called too many times. She had been around children, but because the lady used her for protection, she had become aggressive. The snare that animal control had to use to catch her hadn't helped any. Her basic personality favored the chow side of the family. She would dart through an open door and not come back when she was called.

I added "Sue" to her name, and started working on teaching her to come when called. She growled at me every day for the first two weeks, but she soon realized that she would not eat unless it was in her kennel, a 4 ft. x 12 ft. area, plus a doggie door and outside run of the same size. Very carefully we worked on a collar and leash. We had to get past the snare pole. Harley Sue did not like men, and we, with the help of my husband, worked on getting her to trust a man and respond to his commands.

She learned to walk properly on a leash, be brushed anywhere with no fear or growling, come when called, and also learned "sit" and "shake". She didn't get along with other dogs, but soon learned to go out in the play yards next to another dog without trying to start a fight. She loved to go out and watch the barn cats play down by the old barn. She liked guarding the miniature horses while they grazed in the lot next to the play yard.

We will pick up her ashes today, and they will be eventually be buried with the ashes of all of the dogs that have been rescued by the owner of this rescue. Harley Sue suffered a massive heart attack on July 24.

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