Friday, April 2, 2010

Missing Cell Phone

After 4 years of a simple cell phone that a techno dummy like me could figure out, my brother got me a replacement with all the bells and whistles. If you touch it in a certain place, this eerie music starts playing. Finding a ring tone that was acceptable was a major project. I ended up picking out one that reminds me of a vigorous workout routine every time it goes off. It takes pictures and even video - but don't ask me how to find it once you take the pictures or video. It took me two weeks and trips to the house to read the instruction book to learn how to find out who had called and how to get to the voice mail. I consider this new phone a necessary evil.

Last week I lost the phone. Looked all over the building, some 5400 square feet, and could not find it anywhere. Because of my age, I detest admitting I misplaced something - gives my husband way too much joy because he teases me about it.

I finally admitted the loss and asked him to go to the house and keep calling the cell number till I found it. I was walking down the shedrow and heard the workout music, and in the last kennel with a puppy, Fleur, was that darn cell phone. Fleur had taken it into her crate and buried it in her blanket. When the phone started making music, she picked it up, carried it to her water bowl, and dropped it in.

Guess she feels the same way about cell phones as I do!!!

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