Friday, March 5, 2010

We're Patiently Waiting

Dolly Momma looks like a miniature Airedale and was at a local animal control. She had been there for a couple of weeks, and I noticed an "Urgent" tag was added, so we went to see what kind of personality she had. She's a calm, quiet, housebroken young lady of just over a year old.

However, the lady at animal control said that over the weekend she had "blossomed" with what they thought was a pregnancy. One look told us she was correct. My maternity ward was empty, so we loaded her up, along with Pollyann, a mocha colored dachshund/?cocker spaniel mix that is also housebroken and a real sweetheart.

We took them to the vet and Dolly M. is also heartworm positive. The vet said it is probably her second litter, given her age. Between the pregnancy and the positive heartworm, that's probably why she was dumped. She was found as a stray.

It won't be long now - Dolly M. looks like a football - large in the middle and narrow on both ends!

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