Monday, January 11, 2010

Trinity Jane

Trinity is an American bulldog, built like a tank, and with a head and jaw on her that immediately makes you think you don't want to make her mad. Trinity was rescued from an abusive situation wherein some jerk with more guts than brains put out his cigarettes on her head. She still carries the scars from the burns. In spite of this abuse, Trinity, who has every right to hate humans, hasn't one mean bone in her body.

We featured her in our weekly paper for the on site adoption event, and a family saw the article and decided they had to meet her. It was a match, and now Trinity Jane lives on a farm with all kinds of animals and her rescued beagle partner, Ruby, and spends lots of time outside keeping an eye on things and on hot, humid summer days there's a pond to wallow in. Life could not be more perfect for this wonderful dog with a heart as big as a hotel.

The one problem the family hasn't been able to fix --- Trinity Jane snores!

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